Welcome to Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech

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You find Landsberg am Lech about 60 km west of Munich in Bavaria. The middleschool with this name exists since 1.8.2013. At this point of time the Fritz-Beck-Mittelschule (middleschool) in the west of the town and the Mittelschule am Schlossberg have dissapeared as independent schools and have been connected to one administration unit. At the moment, there are plans to build an extension building in the west of the town. Till the end of all building activities both schoolhouses will be used. Correspondent to the location the 300 students, who live in the western part of Landsberg,  are taught in the building of former Fritz-Beck-Mittelschule, the about 250 students, who live in the eastern parts of the town,  in the building of the former Mittelschule am Schlossberg. This building is situated on the remainings of an old castle and has changed its function several times in its more than 100 years lasting history. The second and younger middleschool was named after the founder of the German students union, a social engaged citizen of Landsberg, who had lost his live during the time of nationalsocialism.

The Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech offers nearly all possibities of this kind of school:

  • Cooperation classes (5th and 6th form – building east)
  • M-Classes (Students in these classes try to reach for a higher level – building west/east)
  • Full-time education 
  • Special classes for students with poor German knowledge