St. Nicholas 2017

9 December 2017

St. Nicholas visited all classes of our school. This activity had been organized by representatives of pupils of our school.

Biotechnikum 2017

7 December 2017

Students of 10th form had the possibility to learn a lot about DNA. After theoretical advices, they could extract DNS using escherichia coli(enterobacteria).

Mobbing matters

28 November 2017

On 6th and 13th of November with the help of Sonja Schnieringer, a theatre therapist, class 5b dealed two school mornings with the topic bullying.

Visiting Delo

27 November 2017

On 20th of November students of class 9M and 9b visited Delo a company which produces adhesive.

A special kind of school excursion

26 November 2017

On 24th of of November 7th, 8th and 9th formers visited the Kaufering cinema, where they watched the film “Fuck ju Göhte III”. As a pedagogical credit they had to walk there- no problem at a day with wonderful weather. It was fun for all of them not only for students, also for teachers.

Exploration of the sewage-treatment plant

25 November 2017

On 11th of November 2017 class 6c visited the purification plant of Landsberg y/span>

KZ-graveyard Erpfting

10 November 2017

As an interim result of our engagement with the KZ-graveyard in Erpfting in cooperation with dieKunstbaustelle a flyer of the place in three languages (German/English/Hebrew) has been handed over today to the Lord Mayor of Landsberg.

die KunstBauStelle- a cultural partner for years

30 October 2017

The cultural association dieKunstBauStelle helped us to realise various projects for years. Now it has won a price for a project in several parts, which dealed with the topic migration. We gratulate and are proud to have been part of the project actvities.

Ceremony Yad-Vashem


The 10th forms were invited to participate in a ceremony of Yad Vashem at the Jewish Centre in Munich.


27 October 2017

students had a halloween party at school