Exploration of the sewage-treatment plant

25 November 2017

On 11th of November 2017 class 6c visited the purification plant of Landsberg y/span>

KZ-graveyard Erpfting

10 November 2017

As an interim result of our engagement with the KZ-graveyard in Erpfting in cooperation with dieKunstbaustelle a flyer of the place in three languages (German/English/Hebrew) has been handed over today to the Lord Mayor of Landsberg.

die KunstBauStelle- a cultural partner for years

30 October 2017

The cultural association dieKunstBauStelle helped us to realise various projects for years. Now it has won a price for a project in several parts, which dealed with the topic migration. We gratulate and are proud to have been part of the project actvities.

Ceremony Yad-Vashem


The 10th forms were invited to participate in a ceremony of Yad Vashem at the Jewish Centre in Munich.


27 October 2017

students had a halloween party at school

practical work

All students of eighth form spent a complete school day with practical work in and around the school building or at various companies.

environmental activity

11 October 2017

Class 8a helped to take care of a protected landscape not far from our school.


5 October 2017

Vera Schmitz, a professional floorball player, showed her kind of sport to students of 8th form.

Hallo Auto (Hello Car) 2017

25 September 2017

On 18th of September students of the 5th form learnt about the length of braking and stopping distances.

Free access to memorials 2017

14 September 2017

Three students started the new school year two days earlier. They took over guided tours on a former concentration camp (Kaufering VII) during the day of the open memorial. They earned a lot of commendation for their engagement for more than 250 visitors of the memorial.