momorial tour by bike

30 July 2018

The new participants of the project “Students are expaning the history” went on a guided tour by bike with their headmaster, to see all memorials dealing with the history of Holocaust in Landsberg>

creative works

7 July 2018

Recycling of old books done by students during afternoon class

Works around the KZ-graveyard Erpfting

28 June 2018

Students of class 8b helped to get rid of weeds and wild bushes on a graveyard, where about 2000 jewish prisoners of a former sattelite campe of KZ Dachau (Kaufering VII) had been buried.

Lost gravestone found again

17 June 2018

Last year during a project about a KZ-graveyard in Erpfting near Landsberg, it was found out, that a gravestone was missing. All investigations were in vain. But the students didn’t give up. At last the meadow around its former position was dug up. And indeend: Only about 50 cm under the surface the stone was foung nearly without any damages.It must have been dug in during cleanup efforts after a big storm in 2015.Meanwhile the grave stone was cleaned and placed again.


9 May 2018

Book presents for busy readers


Flower vases made of old jam jars.

you are right

6 May 2018

Mr Keuchel, a police officer, gave students of 8th form three hours basic judical informations.

Traces of Holocaust in Landsberg 2018

Students of all 8th forms visited the former satellite concentration camp Kaufering VII and a bunker what was built by Jewish prisoners during the last year of world war II.

Rational 2018

On April 14th students of class 8M visited one of Landberg’s “global players” Rational.

Wenn du einmal groß bist

27 April 2018

Students of form 7 and 8 visited the local theatre to watch a play dealing with the holocaust.