Cleaning of a KZ graveyard

21 June 2017

Students of a 8th form helped to clean a KZ-graveyard. One of they aims was to uncover the alignments, which are margining the former mass graves.

Terra preta-first studies

4 June 2017


One month after planting (salats, mangold, onions, kohlrabi) and seeding (radish) first results can be seen. The part with rabbits dung has pulled birds, which  have dug out plants and it was to sharp, that the seed couldn’t develope. The original soil shows only little vegetation. Besser reults can be seen in the part, where compost has bee worked in. Best result has brought the part with terra preta till now. Some of the salats there can be harvested soon.

Search for the holy grail

2 June 2017

Students of 7th and 8th form had the great chance to see three puppet players with their version of Monty Python’s “knights of the coconut”. IT was a funny start into our holidays

Run for help

On 19th of May all students participated in a run for help. Together we managed a distance of more than 1600 kilometer (4000 rounds). Now we are collecting the amount of money, which has been promised for each round. So we will be able to support three different associations.

New start for the pond

10 May 2017

After their water has been changed the koi carps received new water in their pond.

clean environme nt 2017


Students of serveral classes collected litter.


2 May 2017

All students of our school had the possibility to visit the theatre Landsberg to participate in a workshop about handling of the resources of our planet.

never forget

1 May 2017

Students which are offering guided tours on the area of the former satellite camp of KZ Dachau were invited to join a commemoration dceremony in Welfen baracks on 28th of April>

theater to go

After four month of working student of form 8 to 10 presented the results of a theatre workshop on 29.4.2017>

start of a project about “terra preta”

14 April 2017

An experimental bed have been built with different quality of earth:

1. Orginal poor and stony earth (right in front)
2. Improvement by compost (left in front)
3. Improvement by rabbits dung mixed up with vegetable coal (left back)
4. Improvement by terra preta (right back)

After a rest period of two weeks it will be planted and seeded.