environmental activity

11 October 2017

Class 8a helped to take care of a protected landscape not far from our school.


5 October 2017

Vera Schmitz, a professional floorball player, showed her kind of sport to students of 8th form.

Hallo Auto (Hello Car) 2017

25 September 2017

On 18th of September students of the 5th form learnt about the length of braking and stopping distances.

Free access to memorials 2017

14 September 2017

Three students started the new school year two days earlier. They took over guided tours on a former concentration camp (Kaufering VII) during the day of the open memorial. They earned a lot of commendation for their engagement for more than 250 visitors of the memorial.

exploration of a supermarket

2 August 2017

Students of form 7b had the opportunity to learn a lot about the strukture, the variety of goods and product placement of “Kaufland” a local supermarket. .

Terra preta- review of the situation in July

8 July 2017

Terra preta has verified its worth. The part of our bed with this valuable soil has developed great. Most of the plant could be harvested there, mangold even three times, before the harvest had even started in the other ones.

Wir machen das(we do it)

Some months ago students of 8th form built a place to collect garden waste. It was a project in cooperation with the Bavarian building trade

Cleaning of a KZ graveyard

21 June 2017

Students of a 8th form helped to clean a KZ-graveyard. One of they aims was to uncover the alignments, which are margining the former mass graves.

Terra preta-first studies

4 June 2017


One month after planting (salads, mangold, onions, kohlrabi) and seeding (radish) first results can be seen. The part with rabbits dung has attracted birds, which  have dug out plants and it was to sharp, that the seed couldn’t develope. The original soil shows only little vegetation. Better results can be seen in the part, where compost has been worked in. Best results has brought the part with terra preta till now. Some of the salads there can be harvested soon.

Search for the holy grail

2 June 2017

Students of 7th and 8th form had the great chance to see three puppet players with their version of Monty Python’s “knights of the coconut”. IT was a funny start into our holidays